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  • 三年級下

    Review Module Unit 1 Will you go swimming
    Module 10 Unit 2 What's sixty plus thirty
    Module 10 Unit 1 There are fifty children in my class
    Module 9 Unit 2 He will sleep on Sunday
    Module 9 Unit 1 Tomorrow is Friday
    Module 8 Unit 2 It was there
    Module 8 Unit 1 Were you on the second floor
    Module 7 Unit 2 He was in Hong Kong
    Module 7 Unit 1 They were very young
    Module 6 Unit 2 She's quite good at English
    Module 6 Unit 1 He works hard
    Module 5 Unit 2 There are fourteen peaches
    Module 5 Unit 1 We'll pick fruit
    Module 4 Unit 2 He'll be an astronaut
    Module 4 Unit 1 Maybe I'll be a writer
    Module 3 Unit 2 Will you phone me
    Module 3 Unit 1 Maybe we'll go to the zoo
    Module 2 Unit 2 You'll see Tower Bridge


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